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Laurence Fisher founded Laurence Fisher Consultancy following many years of being in constant professional contact within the world of mechanical music, automata and important scientific instruments.

The small team comprises very specific talented people who have worked with him for many years as trusted friends.

Since 1996, Laurence has organised, produced and directed many specialist auctions of mechanical music, technical apparatus and scientific instruments as the head of department for the much-respected auction houses of Philips, Christies, Bonhams and C & T.

Following on as the in-store specialist at Douglas Fisher Antique Automata from 2013-16 in Portobello Road, he is currently an advisor to museums, private collection boards and fellow restorers and continues to mastermind specific sales via private treaty, as well as undertaking cataloguing and valuing consignments for houses all over the world.


Although we set up in 2008 to assist clients in a more discreet manner, specifically for the purchaser, from 2016 the business has seen the complete amalgamation of all sub-interests so that the talent and energy is focused on delivering across-the-board services for all clients, not just the buyers.

From restoration to advising, full overhauls to item appraisal meetings, we provide full-field services within this very niche sector.

We recently moved from our south London WW2 air raid workshops to the sunshine coast of Eastbourne - to bigger premises.

We assist the collector, dealer, curator, private VIP, seller, solicitor, and everyone else in-between.  Our working trait is the removal of faults, but the retention of age and visual credibility.  Our workshops and office are always very busy and although we usually have a waiting time, we advise the client of a realistic deadline prior to work commencing.  For the convenience of clients, long-term and short-term jobs are run simultaneously in different areas of the workshops.  

Distance is not a problem - our clients bridge Wimbledon, England to Melbourne, Australia.

Our focus is always on the interests of the item and the client.  

And if, for any reason we can't help, we'll know someone good who can.


Welcome to the world of subject devotion.  Welcome to the work of Laurence Fisher Consultancy

updated Dec 2021

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