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Some of our clients would like to say a few words.  We continue to serve them with pride.  Whether you are a patron of our services just the once or you become a well seasoned regular, you will find our care, focus and determination to assist exactly the same:

"Laurence is a thoroughly professional individual whom I have approached and employed many times over the years since his Christies days.  He is reliable and highly knowledgeable in a very broad range of subjects pertaining to mechanical music, automata, scientific instruments as well as early radio, tv and related subjects, not only from a technical point of view, but also in terms of the marketplace.  He has a plethora of contacts within the realms of collectors, buyers and sellers as well as contacts within all the important institutions. His very learned mind often spots things others simply don't see and he is always happy to share this deep knowledge  He works with utmost integrity with a very trustworthy stance and the utmost discretion to clients and the objects themselves.   

My business and I are grateful to Laurence Fisher Consultancy for the help, support, advice and dedication he has not only given us, but his unstinting work to underline the importance of this subject within the world of the decorative arts.

I can recommend his services unreservedly."


Richard Higgins MD

Richard Higgins Conservation

18 Merry Lane

Sansaw Heath




telephone: 01939 210 765


"I have known Laurence for many years from his times working for most of the major auction houses as their mechanical music expert and during those times I was privileged that he trusted me to handle some extremely rare and valuable pieces. He has always been a knowledgeable expert with a genuine love of his subject matter.

However it is only recently that I have recognised how talented and painstaking he is at repairing and restoring mechanical music items. He recently worked on 4 of my bird boxes and made them all work perfectly. Particularly impressive for me was his work on a box by Reuge which has been back to their factory three times and yet they failed to make it work consistently. Laurence made some modifications to the design tolerances and it now works perfectly.

A special bonus was the drawings he made of these design changes which are reminiscent of the sketches that Leonardo da Vinci used to make. Not only does he make these boxes play well but with his attention to detail he fixes things like the bird's plumage and eyes, case defects and general cleaning. I cannot recommend him highly enough"

Tony Last



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